About the cellar

Our Story

When Linda opened The Cellar, the goal was to bring the Atlanta fine dining scene to Newnan.  In order to achieve this there were a few hurdles to overcome, the two biggest being an excellent location and a world class chef.  After a couple of almosts, as well as a couple of  outright mistakes, Chef Wayne Shivers came on board and Linda knew instantly that he was the right fit.  Chef Wayne is a local product whose list of culinary achievements is right up there with any of the best executive chefs, including education from Johnson and Wales and apprenticeships in Vail, Co, Miami, and various locations in the caribbean .  Now that the chef position had been filled, the next step was finding the right location to make the dream a reality.  The first location at 9 East Washington fit some of the criteria, it was a downtown Newnan address and it had an undeniable ambience, but most importantly it inspired the name the cellar because it was literally in the basement of the building.  After getting an excellent start at the 9 E. Washington location and creating a loyal customer base, the business soon outgrew the space.  It became evident that the Cellar concept was ready to grow and along with that came certain needs that could not be met by the current address.  The restaurant needed a much larger kitchen and an elegant dining room to match, but it was still critical that it remain in downtown, which left very few options.  The Cellar @ the Firestone was the answer... the only problem being that the property had to be designed and built from the ground up.  This is when Linda's vision and the help of an entire community came together to make The Cellar as you see it today a reality, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into making a dream come true.  The addition of The Bays has solidified The Cellar @ the Firestone as one of the best restaurants on the south side of Atlanta and a genuine story of perseverance and an example of the "it takes a village" philosophy 

What We Do

Opened on October 15, 2014. At The Cellar, we offer the finest local ingredients and quality exotic meats. Here you'll find grass-fed beef, kangaroo, U.S. prairie lamb and a variety of sea-to-table seafood dishes. We also specially create vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals by request.