About the cellar


When Linda Bridges-Kee first opened The Cellar in 2014, her long-term goal was to establish a unique, fine dining experience in downtown Newnan.

In order to achieve that goal, many ingredients had to come together, including finding the right location and placing the menu in the hands of an experienced chef ready for the challenge.

Chefs often come and go, and a few did at The Cellar, but when Chef Wayne Shivers came on board, Linda instantly knew the seasoned culinarian was what the business needed for success at the next level.

The initial site of The Cellar was well-received by its patrons. It had an undeniably sublime ambience and served as inspiration for the name “The Cellar” – the restaurant was located in the basement of a building on East Washington Street.

As the restaurant’s customer base quickly grew in a relatively short period of time, it was evident The Cellar had outgrown its small venue, and it was clear to Linda that more was needed to meet the growing demands of a food community whose collective palette was hungry for even more gourmet experiences.

To that end, the restaurant needed a larger kitchen and a more elegant and intimate dining room. And it was important to Linda to keep the location downtown. The Cellar Newnan you see today on 20 Jefferson Street is the product of vision, trust, and considerable teamwork. Linda, her staff, and several loyal patrons spent many sweat-filled months restoring and repurposing the then-empty location and transforming it into a multi-dining establishment.

After all, if you want a high-class, quiet dinner with family or while on a date, we’ve got you covered in our indoor dining room. Want to catch up with friends with a few cocktails while enjoying the game or while being serenaded by local musical talents? Check out our roomy bays area. Want to take in some fresh air with coworkers while enjoying your meal? Have a seat in our spacious patio area. Ultimately, it comes down to one simple, ongoing desire: To proudly provide customers with a one-of-a-kind experience at our accommodating location in historic downtown Newnan.

Why “Newnan,” you ask? Well, to find out, come in and ask any of our friendly staff.


The Cellar opened its doors October 14, 2014 offering the finest local ingredients and quality exotic meats. Here you'll find grass-fed beef, kangaroo, U.S. prairie lamb and a variety of sea-to-table seafood dishes. We also serve vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals upon request.